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Ichiei Ishibumi
Ishibumi Ichiei Taiwan Feb. 2014 Autograph Session
Kana 石踏 一榮
Romaji Ishibumi Ichiei
Race Human
Gender Male
Nicknames God of Breasts
Personal Status

Ichiei Ishibumi (石踏 一榮 Ishibumi Ichiei, 1981) is a Japanese novelist best known for the creation of the High School DxD, SLASHDØG, and Denpachi series.


Ishibumi was born and raised in the Chiba Prefecture of Japan. He is a big fan of Pokémon and has collected every form of Gundam merchandise, which he writes about in his blog.


In 2005, Ichiei received a special prize in the 17th Fantasia Awards hosted by Fujimi Shobo for the light-novel Denpachi that he submitted. He made his debut with that novel when it was published in 2006 as a tankōbon. The same year, he published his second light-novel Slash/Dog. Two years later, in 2008, Ichiei began publishing the light-novel series which made him famous, High School DxD. While preparing the series, Ichiei's father passed away.


Fujimi ShoboEdit


  • Ichiei Ishibumi was born on April 25, 1981.
  • His way of writing a novel is to write it from a favorite place and fill it up after plotting.