A faction which main task is to write about the relationships of the characters in the series.


  1. Crimson and Darkness
  2. Bennia Lover

Former MembersEdit

  1. FallenShadow

Pages that need improvementsEdit

  1. Dulio Gesualdo/Relationships
  2. Euclid Lucifuge/Relationships
  3. Grendel/Relationships
  4. Indra/Relationships
  5. Regulus/Relationships
  6. Vritra/Relationships
  7. Sirzechs Lucifer/Relationships
  8. Riser Phenex/Relationships
  9. Millicas Gremory/Relationships


Gremory Symbol This user is a member of the Relationship Faction of the High School DxD Wiki.

Note: This badge is for Relationship Faction member only. To add it, just type {{Relationship Faction}}.

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