Article layout is to a large extent standardized on High School DxD Wiki.

Headings should have the first letter of every word capitalized, except for prepositions e.g. "of" or "in." Article headings are standardized.


All character pages should begin with a 1-2 sentence general description and the following headings should be used:

  • Relationships (if Applicable)
  • Image Gallery
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • History (If Applicable)
  • Synopsis
  • Abilities (if Applicable)
  • Equipment (if Apllicable)
  • Trivia
  • Quotes (must be from light novel, anime, or manga, complete with chapter/episode #)
  • References
  • Navigation


All species pages should have the following headings

  • Appearance
  • Summary
  • Abilities
  • Factions
  • Other Description (if applicable)

Items and TerminologyEdit

These pages the following headings:

  • Summary
  • Appearance (if applicable)
  • Ability
  • Forms (if applicable)
  • Type (if applicable)
  • References

Technique and AbilitiesEdit

These pages should start with a brief description and the following headings:

  • Summary
  • Abilities
  • Forms (if applicable)


Volume/Chapter/Episode pages should have a short summary of the volume/chapter/Episode and the following headings should be used in order:

  • Summary
  • Characters In Order of Appearance (Anime)
  • Navigation


Fight pages should follow the following headings in order:

  • Prologue
  • Battle
  • Aftermath

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