High School DxD EX (ハイスクールD×D EX Haisukūru D×D EX) is a six part special novel released with the Blu-Ray volumes of the third anime series, High School DxD BorN.


  • 1 Crimson-haired Sekiryuutei
  • 2 Invaders from Another World
  • 3 A New Church Trio
  • 4 Crimson Will
  • 5 The Forbidden United Front
  • 6 And so, to Tomorrow...


The Occult Research Club faces off against invaders known as Underworld Lifeforms led by Loki that has travel from the future, however also from the future comes a surprise visit by Issei's children.


Main CharactersEdit

Ex Gremory Kurenai Himejima
Ex Gremory (イクス・グレモリー Ikusu Guremori): The son of Issei Hyoudou and Rias Gremory. He is trained by both Vali and Kiba, and has a strong distaste towards his father for failing to protect Asia.

Ex inherited the Power of Destruction from his mother, and additionally wields 2 weapons, an artificial version of the Boosted Gear, the Boosted Gear Diabolos and a crimson sword, Galatine III, an alchemy-metalurgical crafted version of Galatine.

Kurenai Himejima (姫島 紅 Himejima Kurenai): The eldest of the siblings and son of Issei and Akeno Himejima. He inherited the abilities of the Himejima bloodline and his grandfather.

A researcher from Grigori, Kurenai is the person that created the Artificial Boosted Gear for his brother Ex and is Azazel's successor as a Grigori Researcher.

Zen Quarta Shirayuki
Zen Quarta (漸・クァルタ Zen Kuaruta): Son of Issei and Xenovia Quarta, wielder of the Durandal IV. Like Ex, he is also trained by Kiba. Due to his training with Kiba, Zen's usage of his Durandal IV is more focused on techniques rather than destructive powers like his mother. Shirayuki (白雪しらゆき): Daughter of Issei and Koneko Toujou. A Senjutsu user.
Kurobara Airi Hyoudou
Kurobara (黒茨くろばら): Daughter of Issei and Kuroka. A Senjutsu user. Airi Hyoudou (兵藤 愛理 Hyōdō Airi): The second eldest of the siblings, daughter of Issei and Asia Argento. Unlike her mother, Airi excels in combat being an excellent nature-based magic user, and a proficient hand-to-hand fighter.

She wields an artifical Longinus, Gigantis Maiden Robe, in which Fafnir is used as the power source.

Shin Shidou Robertina Hyoudou
Son of Issei and Irina Shidou. He inherits most of his mother's Angelic powers, with the addition of wielding two Holy Swords, Kashuu Kiyomitsu and Yamatonokami Yasusada Daughter of Issei and Ravel Phenex. She respects her father the most out of her siblings.
Helmwige Ernestine Karnstein
Daughter of Issei and Rossweisse. Daughter of Issei and Elmenhilde Karnstein, she travels to the past with her father.


  • Loki (ロキ): The Evil God of Norse who returns to the past after cursing Asia. He teams up with the beings from the other world UL to change the past.
  • Ruma Ydura: A being of the Other world Mythology and one of the Four Generals 'Invade Fanatics'.
  • UL: Mechanical beings from the other world. They invaded the world the Three Factions resides in the near future before travelling into the past with Loki.

List of EquipmentEdit

  • Boosted Gear Diabolus: Also known as the Gauntlet of the Red Dragon Emperor Crown Prince is an artificial Longinus created by Kurenai based on the the Boosted Gear.
  • Durandal IV
  • Galatine III: An alchemy-metalurgical crafted version of Galatine, it is used in tandem with Ex's Power of Destruction.
  • Gigantis Maiden Robe: An Artificial Longinus with Fafnir as its power source.
  • Kashuu Kiyomitsu and Yamatonokami Yasusada: Two Holy Swords wielded by Shin. Its name is taken from the actual swords used by the historical Okita Souji.


  • The Nekomata sisters, are technically sibling-cousins, being Half-sisters and cousins at the same time.
  • Airi's name was made from combining the initials of her mother Asia, her father Issei, and her step-mother Rias.
  • Ernestine means "vigour, strife".
  • Kurenai means "crimson; vermilion".
  • Shin's name has multiple meanings that could refer to him being part angel such as "heart" or "truth".
  • Robertina means “shining glory”, possibly referring to her inherited powers from the Phenex Clan.
  • Just like her mother Rossweisse, Helmwige is also the name of a Valkyrie in Richard Wagner's play "The Valkyrie".
    • The name Helmwige means "war helmet".
  • Shirayuki means "Snow white" and Kurobara means "Black rose" (although it is spelled with the Kanji for "Black Thorn" even though the pronunciation would be the Kanji "Black Rose"); their very names like their mothers referring to the colour of their hair and tails and at the same time, their mothers as well.
  • It's revealed that Le Fay Pendragon has a unnamed son with Issei.
    • Despite having the ability to wield Caliburn, he decided to be a magician like his mother.

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