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The Hero Faction (英雄派 Eiyū-ha) is the second-largest faction of the Khaos Brigade led by Cao Cao, the descendant of Cao Cao from the Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms and the one who betrayed Ophis.


The Hero Faction is one of the factions in Khaos Brigade that consists of solely Humans. All members of the Hero Faction are either Sacred Gear, Holy Sword, Demon Sword, and/or Longinus wielders.

The motto of the Hero Faction is to fight and defeat "evil beings" such as Devils, Fallen Angels, and Dragons that bring harm to Humans. The Hero Faction possesses a large number of Sacred Gear wielders who were either abducted and brainwashed or followed willingly. Many of these members, however, were sacrificed in battle during the Hero Faction's attempts to force them to achieve Balance Breaker. All of those who didn't reach Balance Breaker were eventually captured and later died as a result of Ophis' snakes destroying their Sacred Gears, while those who did achieve Balance Breaker were called back before they could be caught.

The Hero Faction was greatly weakened in Volume 12 after the loss of their leaders. Indra sends their most powerful members (Cao Cao, Leonardo, and Georg) to the Realm of the Dead, taking all of their Longinus from them. Jeanne and Heracles were captured by the Devils and Fallen Angels for interrogation, while Siegfried was the only main member of the Hero Faction who died in battle.


Member Information
Cao Cao Descendant of Cao Cao and possessor of the True Longinus.
Georg The descendant of Johann Georg Faust, the human who contracted with the legendary Devil Mephisto Pheles.
Siegfried The descendant of the Dragon-slaying hero Siegfried in the Nibelungenlied.
Jeanne The inheritor of the spirit of the Maiden of Orléans, Joan of Arc.
Heracles The descendant of the Greek mythological hero, Heracles.
Leonardo The possessor of Annihilation Maker.
Night Reflection Possessor An unnamed member of the Hero Faction. He first appeared in Volume 7 combating the Gremory Team. While he lost to Issei, his frustration on losing allowed him to achieve his Balance Breaker, Night Reflection Death Cross, and he was teleported away by the Hero Faction before he could be captured by the Gremory Team. He later reappears in Volume 9 where he faces off against Issei in a rematch, losing to him once again.
Flame Shake Possessor An unnamed member of the Hero Faction. He first appeared in Volume 7 fighting the Gremory Team. His Sacred Gear grants him the ability to use pyrokinetic abilities. He battled against Issei and lost because of Issei's resistance to ordinary fire.
Staring Blue Possessor An unnamed member of the Hero Faction. He appeared in Volume 7 fighting the Gremory Group. He can use attacks made of bows and arrows of blue light. He was defeated by Yuuto
Staring Green Possessor An unnamed member of the Hero Faction. He appeared in Volume 7 fighting the Gremory Team. His attacks were similar to the Staring Blue Possessor except his abilities were made of bows and arrows of green light. He was defeated afterwards by Xenovia.
Dreamlike Curse Possessor An unnamed remnant from the Hero Faction who possesses the Sacred Gear, Dreamlike Curse, and its Balance Breaker, Palaselene Utopia, which has the ability to send a targeted individual into a barrier space of his creation (a seemingly parallel world). He attempted to mentally corner Rias using this ability but was ultimately foiled by Issei and was captured while losing the ability to enter Balance Breaker.

Former MembersEdit

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