Other known Devils that served under the Gremory Clan.

Devils that serve the Gremory ClanEdit


Reynaldo is the conductor of the Gremory private train. He was introduced at the beginning of Volume 5 when Rias and her peerage journeyed to her home in the Underworld so that she could participate in the Young Devils Gathering and introduce her new servants to the Gremory household. He is described to be a gentle-looking old man with a dandy white beard and hat.

Heinrich Cornelius AgrippaEdit

Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa (ハインリヒ・コルネリウス・アグリッパ Hainrihi Koruneriusu Agurippa) is Zeoticus' Bishop. He is also the vice-chief engineer of the Demonic Power Research Institute that was organized by Sirzechs Lucifer. In the past, he helped Rias in rescuing Akeno from being executed by the fellow members of her clan.

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