Gravity Jail
Kana 魔眼の生む枷(グラヴィティ・ジェイル)
Romaji Guraviti Jeiru
Type Sacred Gear
Abilities Allows the user to change the gravity of anything in their sight
Wielder(s) Liban Crocell

Gravity Jail is a Sacred Gear wielded by Liban Crocell of Sairaorg Bael's Peerage.


Gravity Jail grants the user the ability to increase or decrease the gravity of anything within their line of sight. The duration of the effect depends on the user's mastery over the Sacred Gear.

Whether the range or duration are affected by the quality of the user's eyesight is unknown.


Unlike most Sacred Gears which have a physical form, Gravity Jail lacks one as it is located within the eyes of the user, although the user's eyes will glow upon activation of the Sacred Gear.


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