Kana グラム
Romaji Guramu
Other Names Demonic Emperor Sword
Sword of the Sun
Type Demon Sword
Abilities Dragon Slayer
Destructive Aura
Wielder(s) Original Siegfried (Original Wielder)
Siegfried (Former Wielder)
Yuuto Kiba (Current Wielder)

Gram is the strongest Demon Sword also known as the Sword of the Sun and the Demonic Emperor Sword.


The strongest Demon Sword created, Gram was previously wielded by the original Siegfried who used it to slay the Dragon King Fafnir, though Fafnir was later revived by the Norse Gods.

In the present days, it was wielded by Siegfried, a former member of the Hero Faction in the Khaos Brigade, prior to his death in which Gram abandoned Siegfried and chose Yuuto Kiba as its new wielder.



Gram is a Demon Sword with a Dragon Slayer ability imbued. It also has the destructive power equivalent to that of the Durandal, which causes Yuuto to compare it to a combination of Ascalon and Durandal, but does not require any charging time like the Durandal, making it more powerful. It is also sharper than the Holy Demonic Swords Yuuto can create.


In spite of the Gram's massive power it has one major flaw, in that anyone who wields it gets their life span trimmed down, which increases with continuous usage, eventually killing the wielder.


  • Gram means "wrath".
  • In The Nibelungenlied, as translated by Margaret Armour, it is named Balmung. During Richard Wagner's work, Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung), it is referred to as Nothung.


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