GirlsxSongs cover

Cover of the GirlsxSongs mini-album featuring Rias, Asia, Akeno, and Koneko

High School DxD: GirlsxSongs! (shortened to GirlsxSongs!, read as "Girls Songs!") is a mini-album featuring the main female cast of the High School DxD anime. It was released on June 27, 2012 by Lantis.

Track ListEdit

Track Track Title Artist Length
01 Crimson no Binetsu (クリムゾンの微熱 Kurimuzon no Binetsu, "Low-Grade Fever of Crimson") Rias Gremory (Yōko Hikasa)
02 Kurokami BEGIN-TALE (黒髪BEGIN-TALE Kurokami Bigin Teiru, "Black-Haired Begin Tale") Akeno Himejima (Shizuka Ito)
03 Kagiri naku Junsui ni Chikai Daten~Fall Down~ (限りなく純粋に近い堕天~Fall Down~, "Falling as Close to Pure as Possible: Fall Down") Asia Argento (Azumi Asakura)
04 Jounetsu☆Unbalance (情熱☆アンバランス Jōnetsu☆Anbaransu, "Passion Unbalance") Koneko Toujou (Ayana Taketatsu)
05 STUDYxSTUDY (GxS Version) (STUDY×STUDY (G×Sバージョン) Sutadi Sutadi (Jī Esu Bājon)) Occult Research Club Girls (Rias Gremory, Akeno Himejima, Asia Argento, and Koneko Toujou)



  • STUDYxSTUDY (GxS Version) was previously recorded on STUDYxSTUDY by the voice actress group StylipS.


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