Main Characters Edit

Issei Hyoudou Edit

Göndul and Issei seem to get along with one another very well, as Göndul has expressed that she trusts the safety of her granddaughter, Rossweisse, in Issei's hands and seems to be supportive of their relationship.



Göndul is very close with her granddaughter, calling her "Rose" with affection. Göndul is also shown to be extremely worried regarding the fact that her granddaughter has caused many issues to make her fret over, such as leaving the house, reincarnating into a Devil and becoming a teacher in the Human world, all on her own accord. When Rossweisse was captured by Euclid Lucifuge during the events of Volume 17, Göndul despite being highly worn out, still challenges Euclid to a fight in order to save her, once again showing the extent of closeness between the two.

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