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Kana ゲンドゥル
Romaji Gendouru
Race Valkyrie
Nicknames Granny (by Rossweisse)
Personal Status
Relatives Rossweisse (Granddaughter)
Affiliations Asgard
Status Alive

Göndul is the grandmother of Rossweisse, a famous magician, and a Valkyrie.


Göndul is an elderly woman wearing a deep blue coloured robe. She has a fearless look, appears to have the same height as Rossweisse, has a good posture, and looks slim overall.



Göndul is known as a great magician and Valkyrie in Norse mythology. She was the one to raise her grand daughter Rossweisse in the country side.


The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively CompanionsEdit

Göndul briefly called Rossweisse in Volume 14 in order to check up on her. After explaining that she was doing alright Rossweisse asked her about the recent intrusion into the Kuoh academy, to which Göndul theorized that only a member of the Three Factions alliance could have opened the barrier and let the Stray Magicians in.

Göndul made her first appearance in Volume 17 as she visited the Hyoudou Residence to visit her granddaughter Rossweisse and came to confirm her granddaughter's relationship with Issei Hyoudou. She also scolded Rossweisse for agreeing to be reincarnated as a Devil on her own accord.

Göndul then went to the Underworld to be a special lecturer to the children in the school Sona's building before attending the Magician's assembly. After some time, Qlippoth started their attack and managed to surround Agreas and Auros in a barrier and placed a seal on Göndul and the other Magicians to prevent them from casting most of their spells. Even with most of their magic sealed, they were able to create a teleportation spell in order to teleport all the civilians outside the barrier but it was a ploy by Qlippoth to be able to use that spell to teleport the whole floating island of Agreas instead.

When Euclid Lucifuge was about to kidnap Rossweisse, Göndul appeared and tried to save her granddaughter but she was too fatigued from fighting the traitorous Magicians who altered the teleportation spell. With the last portion of her power she altered Euclid's teleportation spell and stopped him from escaping. She then pleaded to Issei and Rias to save her granddaughter.

After all the battles were settled, Göndul had a talk with Issei and Rossweisse before she left and told Issei to take care of Rossweisse.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Norse Magic: Göndul is tremendously skilled in using Norse Magic, so much so that she's well known as a famous magic master in Norse mythology. She was able to battle many strong Stray Magicians during Qlippoth's assault on Auros Academy and was able to alter Euclid's teleportation spell. Rossweisse a highly talented user of Norse magic even believes that her abilities are inferior to her grandmothers.



  • Göndul comes from Old Norse with two different forms: gandr, meaning 'magic, magic wand' [1] and gǫndul, meaning 'magical animal, werewolf'. This refers to her exceptional magic skills and Valkyrie's common association with wolves.
  • Göndul is the Name of a Valkyrie mentioned in the Darraðarljóð. Her name means "(magic) wand bearer".



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