Excalibur Ruler
Arthur uses Excalibur Ruler on Fenrir
Arthur using Excalibur Ruler on Fenrir
Kana 支配の聖剣エクスカリバー・ルーラー
Romaji Ekusukaribā Rūrā
Other Names Holy Sword of Control
Type Holy Sword
Abilities Grants the wielder the ability to control all things that he or she wishes
Wielder(s) Arthur Pendragon (Former)
Xenovia Quarta (Current)

Excalibur Ruler, known as the Holy Sword of Control, is a Holy Sword and one of the seven Excaliburs.


One of the seven Excaliburs created after the original Excalibur broke. Unlike the six other Excaliburs that were kept by the Orthodox Church under the Heavens, the Excalibur Ruler went missing after its creation. The sword was later found by Arthur who had combined his family's intel with Vali's information in order to find it.

In Volume 7, it was wielded by Arthur Pendragon to subjugate Fenrir into his team after it was weakened by Vali's Juggernaut Drive

The sword was in Arthurs possession until Volume 11 where he abandons the sword. His sister, Le Fay, gave the sword to Irina, and it is later fused into Xenovia's Ex-Durandal.

In Volume 19, Xenovia removed all of the fragments from Durandal as one item, thus reforming the original Excalibur.


Ruler appears to have a long enough grip to make it a two-handed sword with a round pommel at the end, it also has a gold color cross-guard that slightly curves forward.


Excalibur Ruler is the strongest Excalibur fragment of the seven. Its power grants the wielder the power to manipulate anything, be it matter, energy or even ether, if he or she wishes. With time, the controlled opponent/object will gradually lose their will and eventually become fully subjugated.



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