Excalibur Rapidly
Freed Excalibur
Freed wielding Excalibur Rapidly
Kana 天閃の聖剣エクスカリバー・ラピッドリィ
Romaji Ekusukariā Rapiddoryi
Other Names Holy Sword of the Heavenly Flare

Chopper Sword (Freed Sellzen)

Type Holy Sword
Abilities Give the wielder enhanced Speed and reflexes
Wielder(s) Freed Sellzen (Formerly)
Xenovia Quarta (Current)

Excalibur Rapidly, also known as the Holy Sword of Heavenly Flare, is a Holy Sword and one of the seven Excalibur's.


One of the seven Excaliburs created after the original Excalibur broke. It was then kept by the Church for safekeeping along with other Excalibur swords. During the events of Volume 3, the Excalibur Rapidly was one of the three Excaliburs stolen by Kokabiel and his men. The sword was then given to Freed Sellzen. The Excalibur Rapidly was later fused with Excalibur Mimic, Nightmare and Transparency becoming the fused Excalibur. The Fused Excalibur was then broken by Yuuto Kiba and Xenovia Quarta. The remaining fragments and the Excalibur Destruction was then taken back to the church to be reforged by Irina Shidou.

In Volume 9, it was later fused into the Durandal along with 5 other Excalibur fragments to form Ex-Durandal and given to Xenovia from Heaven.

During the battle against Vasco Strada in Volume 19, Xenovia had fused all seven Excalibur fragments together as one, thus recreating the original Excalibur.


The Excalibur Rapidly is shaped like a long Kris, the blade appears wide with a diamond shaped gap through it and spikes on both edges. While in the in manga, the blade is slightly curvier and it has a smaller width.


Excalibur Rapidly grants the wielder incredibly enhanced speed, fast enough to create after images of oneself. The sword also seems to give the wielder enhanced flexibility, making it easier to avoid attacks at high speed.

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