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I Work as a Devil!
Ep 6 title
Kana アクマ、やってます!
Romaji Akuma, Yattemasu!
Season/Episode Season 1, Episode 6
Air/Release Date February 10, 2012
Novel Equivalent Volume 2, Life 1 (First half of episode)
Volume 8, Life 1 (Second half of episode)
Manga Equivalent Chapter 12 (First half)
Previous "I Will Defeat My Ex-girlfriend!"
Next "I Get a Familiar!"

"I Work as a Devil!" is the sixth episode of the High School DxD anime. It premiered on February 10, 2012.


New living arrangements were made for Asia, who had been living in the Occult Research Club's room. Meanwhile, Rias decides to have Issei undergo basic training to improve his stamina and physical fitness. After finishing his training, Issei was surprised to learn that Asia has decided to move to the Hyoudou Residence to stay with Issei. The next day, Asia transfers to Issei's class, managing to get along with her classmates. After finishing the distribution of the pamphlets, Issei decides to try and get his own client, meeting Mil-tan, a man who wants to be a Magical Girl. 

During his P.E. class, Issei goes to the sickroom, after getting frustrated that he failed to get a contract again. He then wakes up surprised to find a naked Rias sleeping beside. Rias decides to help Issei on his next request to make sure that he'll get a contract this time, meeting a foreigner named Susan who loves the Japanese culture, especially the samurai. Susan reveals that her request is for the Devils to help her in taking her notes back from the university and her love confession. Using Issei's advice of writing a love letter, Susan manages to properly convey her feelings, resulting in her love interest, Horii, and her successfully becoming a couple. Back at the Occult Research Club, Issei and Rias share an intimate moment, as Akeno notices the change in her master.


Original airdate: February 10, 2012

Written by: Katsuyuki Kodera

Featured CharactersEdit

(Numbers indicate order of appearance. New characters listed in bold.)

Devils Fallen Angels Humans Others

Important NotesEdit



Differences between Light Novel and AnimeEdit

  1. In Asia's first day of school, in the anime she tells to the class that she is living with Issei while in the light novel Issei is the one that said that they live "under the same roof" when Matsuda and Motohama ask him why they come to school together.
  2. In the Light Novel, Issei meeting Mil-Tan happened before Asia joined the Occult Research Club, while in the anime, Issei met Mil-Tan after he rescued Asia.
  3. During the first encounter between Issei and Mil-Tan, Mil-Tan is dressed with a gothic-lolita like dress while in the anime he is cosplaying as a magical girl.

Miscellaneous TriviaEdit

  • Half of this episode is based on the side story "The Work of a Devil", taking place during Volume 1 of the Light Novels.
  • According to Motohama in this episode, Asia's body measurements are B82-W55-H81 cm (B32-W22-H32) as opposed to the original measurement B78-W55-H81 cm. (B31-W22-H32 in.) .

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