"The Unresurrected Phoenix" is an OVA of the third season of the High School DxD anime. It was released on December 9, 2015.


Ravel comes to the human world and pleads to Rias to help her brother Riser get up on his feet as he has been in a slump since his fight with Issei, while she hesitated at first, Issei promised Ravel that he would help him recover. They arrive at the Phenex mansion in the Underworld and head to Riser's room. He is reluctant about meeting anyone, but he comes out when hearing Rias was present. He crawls back into the covers when he sees Issei as well due to now being afraid of Dragons, which forces Ravel had to drag her brother out. Issei had called Tannin help in Riser recovery by taking them to his territory for training, although Riser tried to escape in fear he was eventually forced by Tannin.

Riser began training in a blizzard mountain while being monitored by an Ice Dragon, with Issei sometimes joining in. Ravel prepares a tea break with Issei where he thanked her for the Phenex tears she gave him earlier. She notes that all the girls will stop by to visit a hot spring. At night Issei prepares to sneak out to peek on the girls but realizes that Riser had already left to do the same, he activates his Scale Mail armor to stop him. Issei catches up with Riser and the two engaged in Aerial combat with Issei coming out on top after knocking Riser unconsciousness. They, however, just happen to have landed within the hot spring where Issei sees all the girls naked including Ravel's who burns him out of embarrassment. Back at their camping place, Riser becomes somewhat closer to Issei and tells him that will he give up on Rias but demands to see her breast which Issei rejects and the two have another aerial fight with Rias and Tannin watching from a distance noting that Riser has made a complete recovery thanks to Issei.


Original airdate: December 9, 2015

Written by: Tetsuya Yanagisawa

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  • This was the first OVA that was based on something from the light novels, as the others were original plots.

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