The Top Conference Begins!
New ep 11
Kana トップ会談、はじまります!
Romaji Toppu Kaidan, Hajimarimasu!
Season/Episode Season 2 New, Episode 11
Air/Release Date September 15, 2013
Novel Equivalent Volume 4, Life 4-5
Previous "A Three Way Stand-Off Variety!"
Next "Two Heavenly Dragon, Collide!

"The Top Conference Begins!" is the eleventh episode of the second season of the High School DxD anime. It aired September 15, 2013.


The meeting between the leaders of the Three Factions continues with Azazel asking both Issei and Vali about their opinion for the peace treaty. Issei then asked Michael on why Asia was exiled as he explains the situation of the Heaven as both Asia and Xenovia reveals that they are happy with their current lifestyle. Azazel then comments about his subordinate who killed Asia as Issei gets angry at Azazel until the time is suddenly frozen.

Realizing that Gasper was kidnapped, the meeting was interfered as many Magicians appears and start to attack the meeting. As Rias decides to go rescue Gasper with Issei volunteering to go along. Vali then starts to battle the Magicians outside as he annihilates them with ease. Rias and Issei then transfer to the old school building through castling using Rias' unused Rook piece. Before leaving, Azazel gave Issei two bracelet to control his and Gasper's Sacred Gear. Meanwhile, a new woman, Katarea Leviathan, appears after Issei and Rias left and attack the leaders. Azazel then starts a battle with Katerea after insulting her. Kiba, Xenovia and Irina also volunteers to help in battling the Magicians while Grayfia is analyzing the magic circle used by the Magicians. Issei and Rias then arrives to the room where Gasper and Koneko was held captive as Issei lets Gasper drink his blood allowing Gasper to properly control his powers as Issei uses Dress Break on them. Issei then hands out the additional bracelet as the four head out.


Original airdate: September 15, 2013

Writer: Tetsuya Yanagisawa

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Differences between Light Novel and AnimeEdit

  1. In the Novels, Azazel attacked the Magicians with multiple spears of light while in the Anime, he did nothing at all.
  2. In the Novels, Issei took a while before he manage to escape from Gasper's time stopping, while in the Anime, he was able to escape from it immediately.
  3. In the Novels, the Mutation Piece was first explained when Gasper was introduced, while in the Anime, it was explained when Khaos Brigade attacked the meeting.
  4. In the Novels, Katerea drank a bottle filled with a snake to boost her power in the middle of fight with Azazel, while in the Anime, she used several snakes from magic circle directly at her body to increase her power.
  5. In the Novels, Issei and Rias found captured Gasper wearing cut-off paper bag at his head, while in the Anime, they found captured Gasper wearing nothing at his head.
  6. In the Novels, some magicians fired several magic bullets toward Issei and Rias after Gasper transformed into a group of bats, while in the Anime, only one magician fired a magic bullet toward Issei and Rias.
  7. In the Light Novel, Sirzechs asked Xenovia and Kiba to fight the magicians, while in the Anime they volunteered to fight themselves.
  8. In the Light Novel, Michael asked Xenovia and Asia if they were happy with their new life as devils, while in the anime both of them said this without Michael questioning them.
  9. In the Light Novel, Azazel broke a wall and went out to fight with Katarea, while in the anime Katarea is the one who destroyed the wall.
  10. In the Light Novel, the unused pieces was inside club room which making Rias and Issei appeared inside the room, while in the anime they appeared at another place and they reached the club room by walking.
  11. In the Light Novel, attacks from the magicians who captured Gasper struck Rias and ripped her clothes, while in the anime Issei stopped the attack with his Boosted Gear.
  12. In the Light Novel, Sirzechs asked Azazel about his research on Sacred Gear and then Azazel gave Issei 2 bracelets, while in the anime, Azazel gave Issei the bracelets without Sirzechs' asking.

Miscellaneous TriviaEdit

  1. Rias's Rook Evil Piece was colored red in this episode, but in season 1, the Bishop Evil Piece used to revive Asia was colored white.

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