A Three Way Stand-Off Variety!
New ep10
Kana 色々、三すくみです!
Romaji Iroiro, Sansukumidesu!
Season/Episode Season 2 New, Episode 10
Air/Release Date September 8, 2013
Novel Equivalent Volume 4, Life 3-4
Previous "I Have a Junior!"
Next "The Top Conference Begins!"

"A Three Way Stand-Off Variety!" is the tenth episode of the second season of the High School DxD anime. It aired on September 8, 2013.


Continuing from previous episode, Issei meets the leader of the Angels, the Archangel Michael. He receives the Holy SwordAscalon, from Michael and proceeds to assimilate it into his Boosted Gear. Michael leaves shortly after that. After Michael leaves, Issei and Akeno have a conversation regarding Akeno's identity as Issei manages to deepen his bonds with Akeno, who gives him a lap pillow until a jealous Rias appears and forces Issei to leave with her. Issei then leaves Rias and heads back to the school to help Gasper in his training, who shows great improvement in controlling his powers.

Later, Issei is in his room contemplating how Akeno is doing and how he should have been more considerate about her feelings when asking about her past. After thinking to himself, he hears knocking on his door and Rias enters with Akeno explaining that due to the meeting and preparations running late, she would be staying overnight at the Hyoudou Residence. While Issei realizes that Akeno is back to usual herself, Rias comments on how Issei said that he liked Akeno no matter who she was nor where she came from. This led to a friendly fight over who can comfort Issei the most using their busts until Asia walks in upset, realizing that Rias and Akeno got the upper hand for Issei's affection. The next morning Issei wakes up feeling heavy when he sees that Rias, Asia, and Akeno are all sleeping with him in his bed naked, and screams.

On the day of the conference, Rias and her servants goes to the meeting room, leaving Koneko and Gasper behind. At the meeting, they meet Azazel and Vali who are representing the Fallen Angels, Michael who representing the Angels and Sirzechs and Serafall who are representing the Devils as the Three Factions starts the meeting. Meanwhile, a group of mysterious people approaches Gasper and Koneko who are standing by at the Occult Research Clubroom.


Original airdate: September 8, 2013

Writer: Tetsuya Yanagisawa

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Differences between Light Novel and AnimeEdit

  1. In the Light Novel, Issei describe Michael as an angel wrapped in an extravagant white robe, while in the Anime Michael wear something similar to a robe with a different color.
  2. In the Light Novel, an unnamed female Angel accompanied Michael for Angel side in the meeting, while in the Anime it was Irina who accompanied him.
  3. In the Light Novel, Gasper was left alone inside the club room, while in the Anime, Koneko stayed with him.
  4. In the Light Novel, only Sona was present from her team, while in the Anime, Tsubaki was there by her side.
  5. In the Light Novel, leaders of three factions brought up topic about death of God at the beginning of meeting (before Azazel spoke about peace proposal), while in the anime they didn't talk about it until halfway of the meeting.

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