Down Fall Dragon Spear is an Artificial Sacred Gear that was created by Azazel.


Through countless research on sacred gears, as well as making a pact with the Dragon King Fafnir, Azazel was able to develop his own, though it was inferior to the real ones. It first debuted in Volume 4 by Azazel against Katerea Leviathan. Azazel would continue to use it against foes like Cao Cao of the Khaos Brigade and the Grim Reaper Pluto up until he resigned as Governor of the Fallen Angels, after which he broke the pact with Fafnir rendering the Down Fall Dragon Spear unusable.


In its initial form it takes the form of a lance-like golden dagger with a purple jewel at the end of the handle.


Not much is known about its abilities other than that it has a Balance Breaker form. In the Anime, the spear was shown to be able to create barriers to protect whosoever is wielding it.


Azazel armor

Azazel Using Down Fall Dragon Another Armor

Down Fall Dragon Another ArmorEdit

Down Fall Dragon Another Armor is the Balance Breaker form of Down Fall Dragon Spear, it creates a golden dragon armor with purple jewels that covers the wielder's body, resembling that of Scale Mail. It increases the attack and defense of its wielder and summons a Two-pronged Spear of Light.


  • The Down Fall Dragon Spear was the first artificial sacred gear introduced to the series.