The following is a list of characters from Diodora Astaroth's peerage.


Diodora's servants previously belonging to the church until Diodora corrupted them and add them into his "collection". They were first shown in Volume 6 where they were ordered by Diodora to fend off Rias and her servants but was swiftly defeated by them while 2 were eaten by Freed.

The fate of the surviving members are unknown after Diodora's death at the hands of Shalba Beelzebub.


Diodora Astaroth (King) Queen

Diodora Astaroth was a High-class Devil and former heir of the Astaroth Clan. He aligned himself with the Old Satan Faction and was killed by Shalba Beelzebub after he lost to Issei.

Diodora's Queen
Diodora's unnamed Queen who excels in fire demonic power. She beat Seekvaira's Queen Alivan during their Rating Game match[1]. She later teams up with Diodora's Bishops to on hold Rias and her team but was defeated by the combination attack of Rias and Akeno.
Rooks x 2 Bishops x 2
Diodora's Rooks
Diodora's Rooks who were killed by Xenovia with the combination of Durandal and Ascalon.
Diodora's Bishop
Diodora's Bishops who were defeated by the combination attack of Rias and Akeno.
Knights x 2 Pawns x 8
Diodora's Knights killed
Diodora's Knights who were eaten by Freed.
Diodora's Pawns who were defeated by the team of Issei, Koneko and Gasper.


  • Diodora is one of the two known Devils to have previously own a complete set of servants.
  • According to Issei, one of Diodora's Bishop is a male in the LN. [2]


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