Canis Lykaon, also known as Inugami of the Black Blade, is a Longinus wielded by Tobio Ikuse.


When Tobio was born with the Sacred Gear Canis Lykaon, it was one of the rare instances where it already had its Balance Breaker fully activated. Because of this his grandmother; Ageha Ikuse used a buddist sealing ritual to seal away the Canis Lykaon. After discovering his Sacred Gear, Tobio decided to name the dog Jin.


Canis Lykaon takes the form of a black dog. The dog initially took the form of a puppy but later changed into a large dog.


Canis Lykaon has the ability to summon a black dog that is capable of moving independently from its wielder with its own instinct. The dog produces blades from his body and can transform itself into a sword. It can also attack through shadows, the shadow can extend up to wielder's field of vision.


Night Celestial Slash Dogs

Night Celestial Slash Dogs

Night Celestial Slash Dogs: The original Balance Breaker of Canis Lykaon. Tobio Ikuse had already awakened this Balance Breaker from the moment he was born. Tobio transforms with darkness into a humanoid black Hound with six tails and Jin transforms into a big Black Hound, in this form not only does Tobio gain enhanced strength he can create an innumerable amount of blades, capable of tinging the sky and earth in darkness. Unlike most Balance Breakers, this form requires a chant to activate.

The chant Tobio Ikuse recites to activate this form is as follows:

<< — I sing for the slaying of a thousand humans >>
<< — I celebrate the slaying of ten thousand goblins >>
<< — The name submerged in total darkness, that of the imitation god that drifts through the :polar night >>
<< — Thou will perish by mine own black blade >>
<< — To be something absurd, the god {creator} of the deformed >>
  • Perfectus Tenebrae Lykaon Fortis Densus Laelaps: The evolved form of Canis Lykaon's Balance Breaker. He achieved this form after training and becoming accustomed to using his Sacred Gear. By reciting a curse-like chant, Tobio’s entire body becomes covered in darkness, and he takes the form of a humanoid beast clad in darkness. This form has forelegs, hind legs, a tail, and has massive jaws that resemble a dog. Tobio also gains a long and immensely sharp scythe that is capable of slicing apart extremely powerful opponents, such as clones of Grendel and Ladon, Evil Dragons who are known for their defensive abilities. Tobio can also create jet-black gigantic blades extended out from the ground in the surrounding area, to impale his opponents. In addition, the darkness in the surrounding area forms large packs of dogs with jet-black fur to attack opponents with blades carried in their mouths. The packs of dogs can also move through shadows to attack opponents blind spots.

The chant Tobio Ikuse recites to activate this form is as follows:

<< — I sing for the slaying of a thousand humans >>
<< — I praise the murder of ten thousand cycles of ill omens >>
<< — My name has been spread throughout the nether abyss, it will become that of the false god of the polar night and midnight sun >>
<< —Thou, shalt become my demon blade of darkness that annihilates everything >>
<< —To become something false, the creator of the paranormal >>


  • The nickname Jin is derived from the kanji for blade (刃).