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Bova Tannin
Kana ボーヴァ・タンニーン
Romaji Bōvua Tannīn
Race Dragon
Nicknames Bova the Destroyer
Personal Status
Relatives Tannin (Father)
Unnamed Elder Brother
Unnamed Older Brother
Affiliations Issei Hyoudou
Issei Hyoudou's Peerage (Temporary)
Status Alive

Bova Tannin is the third and youngest son of the former Dragon King, Tannin and the first person to be one of Issei's subordinates.


Bova bears a resemblances similar to his father, appearing as a Western Dragon about 10 meters tall.


Bova is noted to being a ruffian for his bad attitude and has been noted not to have the same personality as his father who is well respected in the Underworld. Although Bova does show respect to certain individuals such as Issei. There are times when Bova can also get a bit emotional, such as in Volume 22 when he gets emotional over Issei's decision in their team meeting, praising him with exaggeration.


Over the years, Bova has earned a bad reputation because of his bad attitude which is well known throughout the Underworld, leaving some to doubt he is actually Tannin's son.


Red Dragon Emperor of the Blazing Truth × White Dragon Emperor of the Morning Star: The True Dragon(s) of the Kuoh AcademyEdit

Bova Tannin first appeared in Volume 22, having requested Rias for a meeting with Issei within an underground space beneath Kuoh Town. Upon being acquainted, Bova eagerly requests to be Issei's subordinate, Issei considers it but asks him to wait until after his High-Class Devil promotion for his answer. Bova later appears arriving with Issei's team to temporary fill the role as his Pawn for the Rating Game World Tournament. 10 days later, although while their team having successfully won the first three matches, they received negative reviews from critics. The whole team was feeling down about it, but eventually regain their determination to make it to the finals.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Size Alteration: Like his father before him, Bova can transform into a miniature Dragon form.

Fire Breath: As a Dragon, Bova has the ability to breathe fire.

Flight: Like all Dragons, Bova can fly using his Dragon wings.




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