• Bennia Lover

    This blog serves to show the chronological order of events in this series. This includes short stories, Slash/Dog, the Great War, the Devil Civil War and EX/IX. From the top to the bottom is the order.

    Pre Great War

    Great War

    Post Great War

    Devil Civil War

    World War 2 - Kokabiel Fights Strada

    Assasination of Yaegaki and Cleria

    Scarlet and Crimson

    May the Shine be on You

    Vali's Past


    Dog God of the Fallen -SLASHDØG

    Devil of the Old School Building

    Devil's Job

    Phoenix of the Battle School

    Familiar's Requirement

    Excalibur of the Moonlit Schoolyard

    Memories of Breasts

    Vampire of the Suspended Classroom

    The Breasts of Tennis

    Hell Teacher Azazel

    Hellcat of the Underworld Training Camp

    300 Issei

    A Special Filming Devil

    Issei SOS

    Holy Behind the Gymnasium


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  • Bennia Lover

    Welcome to the first and probably only blog in the DxD wikia where you can talk about

    1. other anime
    2. other manga
    3. other LN
    4. visual novels
    5. movies
    6. TV series
    7. games
    8. comics

    Credits: Otaku4469, Bennia Lover & TengenToppaFan

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  • Bashkim1234

    Ise's power

    May 10, 2017 by Bashkim1234

    How strong will Ise became? I know,that his true DXD mode has the power of heavenly dragon,but he will still have two more forms,which will surpass tthe DxD form.

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  • Bennia Lover

    This blog is meant to confirm the ages of characters.

    List A-Zeoticus, Venelana, Misla, Lady and Lord Phenex, and Lord Bael

    These characters are over a 1000 years old based on a quote said by Azazel in Volume 21.

    "Do you need to bear the name of ‘Lucifer’ to such an extent? I always thought that. Sirzechs was still quite young as a Devil, he was a young man who hadn’t even lived a thousand years yet."

    Volume 21, Khaos Disaster

    This means the age to become an adult in Devil years is 1000. All known adult Devils who are mentioned above then are 1000+ years old.

    List AA-Zekram, Azazel, Baraqiel, Shemhazai, Penemue, First Devil Heads, Mephisto, Kokabiel, Gods/Goddesses, Armaros, Sahariel, Tamiel, and Rizevim, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Metatr…

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  • B214

    The one-shot answer ranting

    April 21, 2017 by B214

    Yes the one-shot answering courtesy of yours truly B214. Issues that is plaguing the Wikia.

    1. The Gremory inheritance line
    2. Reincarnated Devils explanation
    3. Pure-blood status to a clan.

    Inheritance line of Gremory,

    Zeoticus > Sirzechs

    But here comes the issue,

    Sirzechs > Lucifer

    Therein lies the problem. There is no heir. Sirzechs doesn't have a son or daughter to fill in his spot he left open. This issue continues till 200+ years later where Rias was born.

    Now question time

    • Sirzechs may have left the clan but his right to inherit the clan was still passed down to his children. However he doesn't have a child.
    • Rias on the other hand is already born.
    • So which do you choose in this situation?
    1. Rias who is born.
    2. Continue waiting for a child which you don't know w…

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  • Crimson and Darkness

    Replacement for the previous one since it's full.

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  • PsychoWolf101

    1. Cthulhu 2. Raiden 3. Anubis 4. Hephaestus 5. Muramasa a Masamune

    Who do you want to see

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  • The Ultimate Pawn

    I was goung to put this in a comment on the post B214 created, but felt this deserved its own blog post.

    I thought about how angels and fallen angels have different number of wings depending on how powerful they are. So I thought why not the devils? They vould incorporate the number of wings into a devil's status and strength. The only devils we have seen with multiple wings are Vali and Rizevim. So just my idea:

    2 wings: Low-class devil(Entry-level for reincarnated devils. Also for pureblood low-class devils and half-blood devils who join a peerage.)

    4 wings: Mid-class devils(Devils being promoted to mid-class devil get an extra pair of wings befitting their status. Also is given to pureblood mid-class devils who join a peerage.)

    6 wings: Hig…

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  • B214

    Azazel Cup discussion center

    February 19, 2017 by B214

    As per request of your fallen brethren, Crimson and Darkness, this blog has been made.

    You can also discuss which team do you want to see face each other and well literally just anything you want to discuss about the Azazel Cup.

    Have a nice day.

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  • The Ultimate Pawn

    Anyone have any Sacred Gear or Longinus ideas. I believe I have one that might be interesting.

    ​Equivalent Exchange

    <u>​</u>​User will be able to exchange any one of their traits and direct it to someone else. For example, someone could sacrifice all their defense and put it towards their speed, giving them a huge boost in their speed, but sacrificing all their defense. You could also sacrifice your hearing and put it towards your eyesight, vastly increasing it. You can sacrifice your demonic powers, attack, and speed and put it all towards your defense. Those trades would be temporary and you could return your stats back to normal. It's like being in a game and always having access to your character's stats and are able to adjust your sta…

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