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  • The Ultimate Pawn

    I was goung to put this in a comment on the post B214 created, but felt this deserved its own blog post.

    I thought about how angels and fallen angels have different number of wings depending on how powerful they are. So I thought why not the devils? They vould incorporate the number of wings into a devil's status and strength. The only devils we have seen with multiple wings are Vali and Rizevim. So just my idea:

    2 wings: Low-class devil(Entry-level for reincarnated devils. Also for pureblood low-class devils and half-blood devils who join a peerage.)

    4 wings: Mid-class devils(Devils being promoted to mid-class devil get an extra pair of wings befitting their status. Also is given to pureblood mid-class devils who join a peerage.)

    6 wings: Hig…

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  • B214

    Azazel Cup discussion center

    February 19, 2017 by B214

    As per request of your fallen brethren, Crimson and Darkness, this blog has been made.

    You can also discuss which team do you want to see face each other and well literally just anything you want to discuss about the Azazel Cup.

    Have a nice day.

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  • The Ultimate Pawn

    Anyone have any Sacred Gear or Longinus ideas. I believe I have one that might be interesting.

    ​Equivalent Exchange

    <u>​</u>​User will be able to exchange any one of their traits and direct it to someone else. For example, someone could sacrifice all their defense and put it towards their speed, giving them a huge boost in their speed, but sacrificing all their defense. You could also sacrifice your hearing and put it towards your eyesight, vastly increasing it. You can sacrifice your demonic powers, attack, and speed and put it all towards your defense. Those trades would be temporary and you could return your stats back to normal. It's like being in a game and always having access to your character's stats and are able to adjust your sta…

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  • B214

    Volume 23 discussion blog

    February 3, 2017 by B214

    Well since we have information released now might as well just created a blog for Volume 23.

    Title: Joker of the Ball Games Festival. (Don't put too much thought in this, i'm never good at translating Ishibumi's volume title)


    Apparently it'll be some form of ball games. School sports RG?

    Dodgeball, can Ise's ball survive this time around. Look forward to Volume 23.

    Summary: Team Issei which continues to advance in the Azazel Cup. Meanwhile Ise who is busy with his student life, his matches and his job as a High-class Devil, has an additional concern. Asia who is consistently making mistakes in the RG matches.

    Ise shouldn't have taken…
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  • The Ultimate Pawn

    Well Issei became a high-class devil way sooner than we expected and got his own set of evil pieces. No one say it coming. I thought that he would be promoted to high-class devil in 5 years after his pact with Le Fay was up. So Issei defied the odds and did it in extraordinary time. Considering the long lifespans for devils and the difficulty of reincarnated devils rising up in rank and the odds being stacked against them, becoming a high-class devil was no cakewalk. And Issei did it in less than a year which is very extraordinary. And what makes it even more extraordinary is that Rias isn't old enough to compete in the professional Rating Games considering that is the main method for rising in rank and gaining status and fame in the Under…

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  • The Ultimate Pawn

    Hey guys, I'm new here to the DxD community so nice to meet you.

    I want to discuss who's going to make it into the 16 spots in the Azazel Cup after the qualifying rounds are done with. I don't think the tournament would be interrupted because it would serve no purpose. Why would an epic tournament like this be interrupted? This is the big final event in Issei's high school life that Ishibumi was talking about I believe. There are just going to be too many powerful people in this tournament to interrupt it because of a war between Indra and Shiva. We just had a war with the son of Lucifer, legendary Evil Dragons, and Trihexa. What could trump that? And plus there were a lot of casualties already with that war and I don't think that there wil…

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  • B214

    I have some bad news to start off the new year guys. The new anime just got cancelled. Yes i know it's sad and sudden but that's just how things went.

    • Everyone: WHAT!!!!
    • Person A: I don't believe you, you're lying
    • B214: No i'm not i'm just as shock as you guys are now when i found out that it got cancelled.
    • Person B: You have no prove.

    Here's the link:新年のご挨拶

    Everyone: Noooooooooooooooooo


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  • Beholderface

    Testing poll

    December 27, 2016 by Beholderface
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  • Crimson and Darkness

    Now the new anime has been confirmed have patience and wait until the full info arrives. For those who want more anime seasons, continuing supporting Ishibumi by buying DxD Merchandise, Light Novels, Manga, Anime Blu-Ray of Seasons 1-3 (Sub or Dub) and wait within months or 1/2 years. And please don't ask for info because our admins doesn't know anything until they get information, otherwise you'll be putting our admin B214 in a extreme amount of stress.

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  • Omega64

    I don't know if this has been discussed before, but if Issei ever developed a sub-species for Boosted Gear or a sub-species for Balance Breaker, does anyone have any ideas or fantasy theories on what they could be?

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