• Lovelygirl12

    Random Discussion

    November 28, 2018 by Lovelygirl12

    hey good morning yall this is my first time on here so plz be nice to me

    Talk about what you like and it’s not DxD related.

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  • The Ultimate Pawn

    I created this blog post as there have been 5 new Longinus that have revealed in the series amd 2 already existing ones that finally made their appearance(Innovate Clear and Telos Karma).

    So this post is for discussing Longinus and Sacred Gears(even the artificial ones). You can discuss the abilities of already existing Longinus and Sacred Gears, try to think of new possibilities for them like Balance Breakers, or try to come up with your own whether it's a regular or artificial Sacred Gear or a Longinus.

    So have fun guys!

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  • Merkarion

    Annihilation Maker´s Power

    November 20, 2018 by Merkarion

    One of the four strongest Longinus Sacred Gear (if you count the Original 13 Longinus)

    But I think we never saw it´s full Potential.  I mean we saw Gigantic Monsters and Anti Monsters, but is that really all?

    Everybody seems to think that as bigger is more Powerfull (but if you see Sirzechs you know it is not...he is Human sized but in true Form would wipe all twelve Bandersnatch and the one Jabberwocky from the existance...)

    I had to think about, why not create Parasites to weaken the enemy.... to create Symbionts to make himself more Powerfull or Protect the bearer (because someone like Leonardo looks not as strong if he is cornered without his Monsters)

    What are you thinking? What Monsters are possible ? And what is the Price to create them…

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  • Nico24

    Vali the butt dragon :

    November 18, 2018 by Nico24

    Hello i am reading the volume 12 of the LN after have watc hthe 4 seasons and at what moment vali obtain this nickname by odin ? Seem t oit is not say in anime . 

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  • Piyush Banerjee

    Shin DxD 2 discussion

    November 13, 2018 by Piyush Banerjee

    Instead of posting all the details of Shin Highschool DXD Volume 2 in volume 1 I have decided to create a different post where you can put up the spoilers and other details in the comments and I will add the to the post weekly or as more official information is gathered. Please provide links for and official information shared such as ishibhumi's Twitter/blog or websites like animesuki or Japanese Wikipedia.

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  • Merkarion

    End of the Great War

    October 20, 2018 by Merkarion

    I think I´m not the only one who had asked himself when the Great War between Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils endet. Let´s be honest the Timeline in DxD is vague in this Case. But I think with the Release of High School DxD Zero we have some important pointer when it could have been.

    Let´s recapitulate what we know so far:

    - It has been endet before Sirzechs has been born
    - the known Original Holy Swords (Caliburn, Excalibur, Arondight, Durandal, Ascalon and Hauteclere) were created by the God of the Bible, or with his help
    - Excalibur was shattered after or roughly at the same Time as God of the Bible died, so it could not be repaired/recreated by him
    - Tsufaame Tereaku Leviathan  is about 100 years older as Ajuuka and the Daughter of the Ori…

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  • FrankieX98

    Some time ago on Twitter Ishibumi said that the peerage of Issei could be completed with both old and new characters, and after he said that Yasaka and Roygun could be get a development, but probably they will not join the peerage, maybe the could join the harem but should be very hard, well Ishibumi could give surprise( Yasaka now thanks Hero have much fans, so the writter could give a fanservice). So I want ask to everyone their opinios about the girls that will be members of the harem and the peerage.  

    Pop Quiz time.

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  • FrankieX98

    The Azazel Cup is tournament that have is playing a very important role for this arc and the future of Underworld and all mythological world, now the the question is Issei could be advancing in the tournament anf face Vali in the final round, or the the rounds will have a less obvious results. Humans that posses a Longinus like Cao Cao, Shooting Star and Tobio are show their strength when the Gods are shocked see the Issei summoning Ddraig and Rias using Gasper for figth for figth Fenfir. Diehauser vs Zeno, Sairog vs Shooting Star, Dulio vs Tobio and Rias vs Issei are the figth mre difficul to predict. I want ear your opinios about the conclussion of next figths.

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  • Gilgamesh79

    " As MacGregor consumed 2 Bishop pieces, he possesses extremely high magical abilities. His magic power is very powerful enough to allow him to use the prohibited-classes of five magic types. "

    "As a Knight that consumed 2 Knight Evil Pieces. Souji is capable of moving at God-like speed that is almost impossible to see."

    ^ I am confused whether multiple evil pieces enhance/Augment physical or magical abilites further than a single piece or not.

    I was wondering if a character(sacred gear:longinus tier) consumes multiple evil pieces will the evil piece Enhancement bonus stack up? 

    If  the character (sacred gear:longinus tier) consumes 8 pawns, Would the character gain the full enhancement of 8 pawns? or will they be shared between the longinus t…

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  • TGxKing

    Canonicity of volume EX

    July 27, 2018 by TGxKing

    Hi guys. I want to talk about canonicity of the EX. 
    English translation of the volume has some important mistakes.

    Issei don`t have mistress in future. In the original this information is absent.

    Eng: Apparently, the future Ise was dealing with the other five parents (meaning his other wives/local wife/mistress) and this became the reason why he could not attend the future Asia when she was cursed.
    Original: Apparently the future Ise was deling with the enemy`s boss (it`s Rezzo Roado) this became the reason why he could not attend the future Asia when she was cursed. Japanese: どうやら、 イッセー は 奴ら の 親玉 に 対処 してい たせい で、 呪い を 受けた アーシア の もと に 来られ なかったようだな。

    Who is Rezwo Roado? Who is Lord Renzo? In original it`s only one character and his name is Rezzo …

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