• Omega3421

    With the topic about Highschool DxD Hero's animation being done by Studio Passione becoming a big discussion among the fans. It has me bringing up a question,  Which Anime Studio would you have rather choose to handle the DxD anime production ?

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  • B214

    Well i don't think i need to say too much, we already got our confirmation after all.

    I'll just complain on one thing, Rossweisse's chin look very terrible here. -__-

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  • Crimson and Darkness

    Doing a favor for @B214 and since we have information released today, I might as well make a blog for Volume 24.

    Title: Grim Reaper of the Off-campus Learning. (Credits goes to Code-Zero for translation)

    Release Date: November 17, 2017


    Volume 24 will be about Team Rias vs Team Vali. The story will be focused on the two Nekomata sisters, Koneko and Kuroka.


    Our 2 protagonists Issei and Tobio will be making contact and fight alongside each other. And Volume 25 will be about Team Issei vs Team Gods.


    Link to the translated quotes: h…

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  • Bashkim1234

    Vali new power-up

    September 18, 2017 by Bashkim1234

    I think Vali will get a new power-up like Ise. I mean we know, that Ise will get two new-forms . I think Vali will get from his great-gerat mother a power.

    What do you guys think ?

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  • Gilgamesh79

    72 Pillars Origin

    September 9, 2017 by Gilgamesh79

    How did the 72 pillars of devil came to be?I m looking for their origin. who is their creator.I tried looking for answer in the internet.It gets confusing after searching for a little while.Hoping that someone here is knowledgeable about this stuff.

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  • Gilgamesh79

    Evil Piece King

    September 5, 2017 by Gilgamesh79

    Can a weaker king revive stronger servant.I mean what if intended candidate for peerage is stronger thn the king :?

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  • Gilgamesh79

    What is the difference between demonic energy and magic energy in terms of effect.

    In wiki it says

    "demonic power requires the power of using your imagination and the power to create, as well as having a good sense, while magic is just knowledge to control equations"

    ^So is it possible to cast spells using demonic energy, if its possible thn one only needs to imagine their desired effect and cast any magical spells right?

    I m confused.Is demonic energy only used to fuel devils special abilities such as power of destruction or it can be used to cast other spells using their imagination.

    Thank you :)

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  • Gilgamesh79

    I m looking for a proper highschool dxd timeline including when the great war started or came to an end as well as when the devil civil war took place.I am interested to know when the peace treaty took place.

    I have these questions hopefully someone can answer them :3

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  • The Ultimate Pawn

    So since the fifth arc has begun, Ishibumi has introduced us to some Rating Game variants. We were introduced to a few before this arc but there were only like 4 Rating Games before the fifth arc that were shown(7 if you count Diodora vs Seekvaira, Sairaorg vs Zephrydor, and Sona vs Seekvaira). So Ishibumi has probably been itching to write some Rating Games and go more into depth about the Rating Games. Because despite what some people think, Rating Games are not all about strength. Otherwise, Rudiger Rosenkreutz wouldn't have been in the Top 10 otherwise. There are many variants and different approaches. In my opinion, that makes the Rating Games more interesting instead of people wanting the stronger team to win all the time and whine a…

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  • Daime17

    Vali Peerage

    July 25, 2017 by Daime17

    Since Vali is not a criminal any more he would also probably join the Devil's Raking Games. So who do you think will join him.

    Arthur wouldn't want to be a rencarnated devil probably same as Le Fay, Bikou and Fenrir. I don't know for Gogmagog but he is also Le Fey's familliar, so Kuroka is left being a reincarneted devil.

    So I have thought what if Vali gathered Devils from the Leviathan, Beelzebub and Asmodeus clan which either defected or not a part of the Old Satan Faction?

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