Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade
Kana 閃光と暗黒の龍絶剣(ブレイザー・シャイニング・オア・ダークネス・ブレード)
Romaji Bureizā Shainingu Ora Dākunesu Burēdo
Type Artificial Sacred Gear
Forms Sword with mixture of light and darkness.
Abilities Destructive Powers
Capable of cutting Spirits
Wielder(s) Azazel
Tomoe Meguri (Katana)

The Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade is an Artificial Sacred Gear that was created by Azazel.


One of the earlier Artificial Sacred Gears Azazel thought up. The concept was released by Michael which resulted in Azazel being made fun of. Azazel, however, manages to complete the Sacred Gear and reveal it to the world for the first time during the sports festival of the Three Factions, using it to fight Issei Hyoudou.

Following the introduction of the first version, Azazel does further research on the Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Blade, creating several variations of this particular Sacred Gear with similar capabilities, but in the form of different bladed tools.


It takes the form of a sword which looks like a mixture of light and darkness.


The blade contains a mixture of both light and darkness attributes with high destructive powers and possesses the ability to cut down spirits without physical form.


Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Samurai Sword - Kitchen Knife FormEdit

The Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Samurai Sword - Kitchen Knife Type (閃光と暗黒の龍絶刀-包丁タイプブレイザー・シャイニング・オア・ダークネス・サムライソード-ほうちょうタイプ, Bureizā Shainingu Ora Dākunesu Sōdo - Hō Chō Taipu) is a modified version of the Darkness Blade in the form of a kitchen knife that releases a slight golden aura. It can basically cut almost anything including evil spirits. It is later confiscated by Grigori due to Azazel trying to sell it to regular humans[1].

Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Samurai SwordEdit

The Blazer Shining Aura Darkness Samurai Sword (閃光と暗黒の龍絶刀ブレイザー・シャイニング・オア・ダークネス・サムライソード, Bureizā Shainingu Ora Dākunesu Samurai Sōdo) is another variant Azazel created and handed down to Tomoe in the form of a Katana to better suit her fighting style, which she later used on a mission to save the first-year members of the Occult Research Club that were kidnapped by the Magician Faction of the Khaos Brigade[2].



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