Sona Sitri's PeerageEdit

Sona SitriEdit

Like the rest of the members of the Student Council, Bennia is shown to be loyal to Sona, occasionally serving as her bodyguard when Tsubaki isn't with Sona.

Loup GarouEdit

Bennia is shown to respect Rugal for his strength and calls him "Brother Rugal".

Main CharactersEdit

Issei HyoudouEdit

Bennia is a huge fan of Issei, being an Oppai Dragon enthusiast, having a large collection of the Oppai Dragon goods which she puts on the back of her robes.

Grim ReaperEdit


Bennia disliked Hades' method of doing things which resulted in her leaving the Realm of the Dead to join Sona's team.


Bennia's father. Bennia doesn't seem to get along well with her father, calling him a "Shitty Father".

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