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Bedeze Abaddon
Kana ベッデゼ・アバッドドン
Romaji Abaddodon
Race Pure-Blooded Devil
Hair Color Blonde
Equipment &
Hole Magic
Personal Status
Relatives Kuisha Abaddon
Affiliations Extra Demon
Abaddon Clan (Formerly)
Status Alive
Ranking Ultimate-Class Devil

Bedeze Abaddon is a former member of the Abaddon clan and is the former 3rd Ranker of the Rating Games.


Bedeze is a blonde-haired gentlemen with a nobleman’s attire. He looks around thirty years old.


Bedeze is a conceited and selfish individual, he believes that the Rating Game is a form of entertainment solely for the Nobles. He's willing to use any means to attain his goal such as using the King Piece to cover up for his lack of talent compared to Diehauser. After the King Piece got exposed he decided to attack the Bael clan again for his own personal interest wanting to push all the blames to the Bael.

Like most other High Class Devils, Bedeze looks down on those without the talent, like Sairaorg Bael. In particular, he thinks of Issei's role as the Oppai Dragon to be comical and believes him to be nothing more than a tool used by the higher-ups.


Bedeze comes from the House of Abaddon, a family of Pure-blooded Devils from the Extra Demons. He leaves the clan to join the Rating Games eventually using the King Piece after realizing that he can never catch up to the likes of Diehauser Belial and has corrupted the Rating Game since.


The Legend of Oppai Dragon and his Lively CompanionsEdit

Bedeze attacks the Bael castle in Volume 21 after the exposure of the King Piece and corrupted nature of the Rating Games, wanting to push the blame of the corruption on the Bael clan. Beating up Magdaran's Queen to near death, Bedeze then fought against Saji who was protecting Magdaran at that time, easily overpowering the younger Devil. The fight was stopped by Sairaorg who appears as well and took over the fight on Saji's behalf but like Saji was initially facing trouble against the third ranker.

Eventually Bedeze got overpowered by Sairaorg who uses Breakdown the Beast to further power-up easily destroying all of Bedeze's Hole. His attempt to escape was also stopped by Saji who manages to place one of his tentacles on his person earlier as Bedeze gets cornered by both youths who defeats him with their fists. Roygun Belphegor soon came to also stop Bezeze but witnessing that she came a bit late brings him to the guards instead.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Immense Demonic Power: Enhanced by the King Piece, Bedeze is shown to have an immense amount of Demonic Powers that easily rivals a Satan-class Devil. He stated that he could've easily destroy the Bael castle if he creates a massive hole above the castle and use his Demonic Powers to destroy it.

  • Power of Hole: A unique ability of the Abaddon clan that Bedeze inherited. Bedeze has shown great mastery in using the Hole ability, creating multiple holes that can absorb and reflect attack back as he chooses. He can also use the Hole to teleport himself, a part of his body, Demonic Power or even his opponent's body to attack his enemies.

Master Combatant: Despite utilizing the King Piece to enhance his powers, Bedeze has shown that he's still capable in battle having accumulated experience from combat and Rating Game matches allowing him to go on par with a base Sairaorg. He was also able to perceive Sairaorg's movement in his Breakdown the Beast.




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