Vali TeamEdit

Vali LuciferEdit

Vali and Albion share the same relationship Issei and Ddraig have, with Albion giving advice to Vali. Likewise, Vali has shown to greatly care for Albion, who he considers as his battle partner, even if he is embarrassed about his demeaning nickname.

Main CharactersEdit


The other Heavenly Dragon and Albion's arch-rival. The two of them fought each other in the past which resulted in both of them being sealed in their respective Sacred Gears. After so many years of fighting each other, both alive through their hosts, both Albion and Ddraig have forgotten the reason as to why they started fighting, nor do they feel their usual antagonistic feelings for each other. This is most likely due to their respective hosts.

Issei HyoudouEdit

Despite the fact that Issei's behavior has caused him great shame and distraught, Albion has some respect for his host's rival and is willing to help him, as shown in Volume 17 when he and Ddraig went to his past possessors to unlock the other abilities of the Boosted Gear.

Dragons Edit

Aži DahākaEdit

Not much is known about their relationship, other than the fact Aži Dahāka knew him very much. This is revealed when he called him and Ddraig by their original names with Albion and Ddraig claiming that they have discarded their original and former names, a thousand years ago.

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