The Absorption Line, also known as the Black Dragon's Pulse is a Sacred Gear wielded by Genshirou Saji of the Student Council and the pawn of Sona Sitri.

It holds a part of Prison Dragon Vritra's soul and one out of the four Vritra-type Sacred Gears that Saji owns.


In Volume 3 of the Light Novels, it was revealed that Saji possesses a Dragon-type Sacred Gear, Absorption Line. He used it to connect a line to Freed Sellzen to prevent him from escaping and absorb his power gradually.

In Volume 4, Azazel revealed that Absorption Line holds the power of one of the Five Great Dragon Kings, Vritra. He also told Saji new ways to use his Sacred Gear.

In Volume 5, Saji connected the Absorption Line's line to his heart to absorb his own life force to power up his own demonic power. He also connected a detached line to Issei Hyoudou that gradually drained him of his blood to a container held by his teammate.

In Volume 14, Saji was able to produce multiple lines and connect it to Issei and the other members of the Student Council and Occult Research Club so that Issei can transfer his boosted power to everyone at the same time.


It has the appearance of a small black bracer in the form of a small and cute black Chameleon-like lizard with violet eyes and a deformed face that appears on the user's hand.


Absorption Line can produce multiple glowing pale blue colored lines from the mouth of the lizard that can be used to restrain and suck the power off of beings or objects its connected to. The user can also use the absorbed power to be transfered to others that are also connected to the lines. It can also be used to exsanguinate the blood of a person.


Malebolge Vritra PromotionEdit

Malebolge Vritra Promotion (罪科の獄炎龍王マーレボルジェ・ヴリトラ・プロモーション, Māreboruje Vuritora Puromōshon), also known as the Dragon King's Flame Prison of Guilt, is Saji's combined Balance Breaker of Absorption Line with the rest of his Vritra's Sacred Gears which creates a Black Dragon Armor that strengthens the users powers and abilities. Absorption Line takes part of the armor as metallic tentacles with spade-like tips that are able to even absorb an opponents aura until it turns them into ashes.