Absolute Demise
Kana 永遠の氷姫アブソリュート・デイマイズ
Romaji Absoryūto Deimaizu
Other Names Eternal Ice Princess
Type Sacred Gear (Longinus)
Abilities Summons a giant ice doll
Wielder(s) Lavinia Reni

Absolute Demise, also known as the Eternal Ice Princess, is a Longinus wielded by Lavinia Reni.



Absolute Demise takes the appearance of a three meter tall doll made of ice in the form of a woman in a dress with four slender arms. Its face doesn’t have a nose or a mouth, it has six eyes on the left side of its face, while the right side of its face is studded with something resembling the thorns of a rose.


Once activated, Absolute Demise not only summons the tall Ice Princess doll at the wielder’s side, the Princess also obeys its wielders every command. The doll is also shown to have immense ice based abilities, capable of instantly freezing an entire area into a frozen world and its maximum range could lock an entire small country within a crystal of ice as long as the user wanted to.


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